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Delivering precisely what you need

We provide topographic surveys throughout Africa & provide a business consultancy service to help you do business in Cameroon, Central & West Africa

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Aerial Mapping

Aerial imagery, photogrammetric & LiDAR surveys

Africa Precision provide aerial mapping and LiDAR surveys throughout Africa

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Business Representation Agency

Helping you to do business in Africa. We can help you find opportunities and contact the right people.

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What We Do?

We specialise in providing topographical site surveys, terrestrial laser scanning and airborne surveys. We have many years of experience with pipeline mapping and have developed a means of mapping pipelines from the surface without an IMU.

Africa Precision: Services

"Precision" - The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.

Africa Precision - Aerial Mapping

Geomatics - Aerial Mapping

We can provide very high quality aerial imagery, down to 5cm per pixel resolution. Often, we combine high resolution aerial images with LiDAR data to create a rich 3D data set by 'draping' the imagery over the high resolution Digital Terrain Model.

LiDAR can aid in the evaluation of prospective sites, a LiDAR survey can include aerial photography and provide digital elevation models, contours, slope and aspect maps that can be incorporated into a GIS package,

LiDAR has the advantage of 'seeing through the foliage' to map the ground, even in rainforest. A LiDAR survey can aid in pre-planning, identify staging areas, position construction crews to work in downhill directions, logistic planning and safety planning.

The image (left) shows a project in Algeria, where we assisted a client with a LiDAR survey for a seismic project. We delivered seismic line profiles that were used to determine elevation changes and slope.

We can provide or source lidar surveys for you based on an independent appraisal of your requirements. We also provide independent quality control, confirming the accuracy of LiDAR data you may purchase from other providers. We can write the specifications for the laser scanning survey work and ensure they are adhered to. 

If you provide laser scanning services, we can provide independent confirmation of your accuracies and offer ground GPS control services - worldwide. LiDAR processing services include coordinate transformation services for both plan and height data. Also, we can process the LiDAR data to produce a variety of digital products, including: Digital Elevation Models, contour models, vector maps for showing water drainage &more.

Africa Precision GPS

geomatics - Survey Services

We deliver precision in all aspects of modern geomatics and have experience of working throughout Africa. Contact us to enquire about:

Topographical Surveys

Aerial LiDAR

Aerial Mapping

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

3D Computer Modelling

Africa Precision is a subsidiary of Merrett Survey Limited. We have worked in 59 countries around the World. In Africa this has included:

Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique.

Africa Precision Consultancy

Business representation Agency

Helping you to do business in Cameroon, Central and West Africa.

Introducing and networking
Making connections
Finding opportunities and people
Understanding the market

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    Geomatics: Aerial Mapping

    Aerial Mapping & LiDAR

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    Geomatics: Survey Services

    Surveying throughout Africa

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    Consultancy Services

    Helping you to do business

About Us

Africa Precision is a subsidiary of Merrett Survey Limited. We have experience of working in 59 countiries around the World. In Africa, this includes: Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea,Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique.

We apply the latest surveying technologies including airborne and land based laser scanning ( LIDAR ).

It is the aim of Africa Precision to meet the needs of our clients by providing a high quality and cost effective service. We will advise and put forward innovative ideas and new technology to benefit all parties by working in Partnership.

Delivering precision in all areas of modern geomatics

Our Clients

Our client list includes:-
    World Bank / Asian Development Bank
Environment Agency (UK)
Ordnance Survey (UK's National Mapping Agency)
IGN ( France's National Mapping Agency )
DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines)
UN (United Nations)

"Their deep understanding of GPS & rigid quality controls has particularly impressed us"

  GE Oil & Gas Client

"Merretts have shown themselves to be technically very capable, providing a positive professional approach"

  Ordnance Survey Client

"Merretts provided an excellent service when called upon. They were responsive, helpful, innovative and effective and worked well as part of the overall team delivering emergency response to the South West of England."

 The Environment Agency Client

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